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Pacific Bag has been in the industry for more than 30 years, and is the specialty food industry's best source for flexible packaging. At PBi we are proud to offer a large selection of packaging options to help you navigate the nut and dried fruit markets.

Packaging for Baking Products & Powders

Baking products such as flour, spices, and granola are products that most households have stocked in their kitchens. For products like flour, it is very important to use barrier packaging that will protect your product from outside factors that will make your product go rancid – like moisture. We provide stock bags in a large variety of sizes with minimum order quantities starting at a single case. We can print a stock bag via our Stock Customization Program that includes Hot Stamp, Letter-Press Printing and Label Application services. We also offer several different custom printing options including Digital and Gravure printing

If you have questions or would like to see samples, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-562-2247 or e-mail us at bags@pacificbag.com.

Non-Metallized Stand-Up Pouches

These bags are bottom gusseted and stand on their own.  They offer a large billboard for labels or custom printing, and the clear structure allows the consumer to view your product. With a polyester/polyethylene structure, they are perfect for your specialty food or natural product items. These come with many consumer-friendly features such as Tear Notches, Press-to-Close (PTC) Zippers.

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Large Format Stand-Up Pouches

If you are packaging your product in bulk, PBi offers stock stand-up pouches that can carry up to 8 lbs.

*Note: Weight may vary based on density of the product.

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Block Bottom Bags

The BBB combines the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag with a bag that is self-standing, allowing for easy fill and a narrow shelf presence. We offer a variety of sizes that are perfect for your specialty seasonings, baking products, granola, etc.

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Pouches for Seasonings

We offer sample sized (2 oz) pouches that will be perfect for your seasonings, herbs and spices. They come stock with or without a zipper, and our entire stock line of stand-up pouches come with a tear notch for convenience.

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Side Gusseted Bags

The name comes from the side folds or "gussets" on the bag. The weight of the product holds the bag upright, and there are two long panels on the front and back for product branding. These bags are widely used for dense, free flowing products like flours and pastry mixes. 

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Available Features

Hang Hole & Zipper

Hang Hole & Zipper

A hang hole allows your product to be hung from peg boards in multiple quantities, and the zipper allows the bag to be opened and reclosed. 



A window is the perfect way to display the quality of what’s inside your bag and is valuable for the consumer making a buying decision. They can help to build your brand equity and support the claims you make on your label and nutritional information.

Pocket Zippers

Pocket Zippers

The pocket zipper offers the convenience of a zipper with the benefit of easy filling. Installed on the front of the package, the tear/pull tab is a cutout tab that can be easily accessed and opened and reclosed by the end user.

These are just a few of our feature options, we have many more to offer and we can work with you to customize your perfect package! If you have questions or would like to see samples, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-562-2247 or e-mail us at bags@pacificbag.com.