Packaging for Roasted Coffee by PBi

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Roasted Coffee

PBi has been providing bags to the coffee industry for over 30 years. In fact, coffee packaging and one-way degassing valves are PBi core products. It’s safe to say we are a market leader in the specialty coffee trade and have a vested interest in sustaining the industry. We recommend the product listed below for coffee packaging.

Roasted Coffee

Understanding the science behind the art of roasting coffee is what we do at PBi. We also know that the need for barrier protection and a functioning one-way degassing valve is critical for the preservation of roasted coffee. 

Block Bottom Bags

The BBB is our newest and fastest growing packaging format.

It combines the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag with a bag that is self-standing, allowing for easy fill and a narrow shelf presence. 

This format is used across many different markets, including coffee.

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Side Gusseted Bags

The side gusset bag is the recognized format for coffee packaging today. It is the tried and true "coffee bag", and offers the most selection within our coffee packaging line, with many colors and sizes available.

The name comes from the side folds or "gussets" on the bag. It is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, teas and other specialty food products.

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Paper Tin-Tie Bags

Paper tin-tie bags are most used for retail take away bags or for short term storage.

Paper tin-tie bags are paper packaging lined with either polypropylene, grease-proof liner, or PLA and most come with an attached tin-tie for reclosure.

The paper tin-tie bag is an economical, practical way to contain a wide variety of items including coffee, dry soups, confections, natural products and other dry goods.

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