Bulk Packaging for Green Coffee | Large Format Bags

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Green Coffee

As coffee beans are packed and shipped, they need protection against moisture, contaminants and the rigors of shipping. PBi bulk packaging helps protect green coffee and prolongs storage ability. We have spent a significant amount of time helping our customers maintain the high quality of their product through PBi packaging.


 Green Bean Coffee Packaging

Studies over the last few years confirm the benefits of barrier packaging for green coffee. 

PBi has extensive experience with large barrier bags designed specifically for preservation.

Large Format Side Gusseted Bags

Easy palletization and storage, PBi's large format SGB are ideal for vacuum packing. Ranging in sizes, colors, and materials, our big bags will help preserve your product.


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Stand-Up Pouches

PBi large format Stand-Up Pouches are a simple convenient way to package green coffee for multi-pack usage. Holding up to 15 lbs of green coffee, our large format SUP come in a variety of structures and sizes.

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High Barrier Bulk Bags

PBi’s Bulk Bags are clear plastic bags that protect dry agricultural products from moisture, oxygen, and external contaminants. It is designed to be used as a liner in an outer jute or plastic woven sack and closed with a twist tie.  PBi’s Bulk Bags help protect dry agricultural products from drying out and from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere around it.

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