8 oz Green Metallized Stand-Up Pouch w/Zipper

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Stand-Up Pouches

The name, Stand-Up Pouch, aptly describes the package format. It is, in fact, a pouch that will stand up. You will often see Stand-Up Pouch abbreviated to the industry term—SUP. The stand-up pouch provides consumers with market-friendly features like zipper reclosure, tear notches, the versatility of hang hole features, strong shelf presence and an attractive billboard for label and graphics.

8 oz Green Metallized Stand-Up Pouch w/Zipper

8 oz Green Metallized Stand-Up Pouch w/Zipper

Item #: 425-311HGZ
  • Black
  • Black, 2-Ply
  • Black, 4-Ply
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Silver, 2-Ply
  • Silver, 3-Ply
  • White
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6 x 9 x 3 3/8"
(face x height x gusset)

Pouches are produced from a multi-layer laminate that includes metallized polyester. They are a medium barrier pouch that work great for specialty or niche markets. They are not intended for products that need high barrier protection (i.e. coffee). All 425 series stand-up pouches come with zippers.


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