8 oz Biotre Stand-Up Pouch w/ Zipper

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8 oz Biotre Stand-Up Pouch w/ Zipper

8 oz Biotre Stand-Up Pouch w/ Zipper

Item #: 460-311NKZ
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6 x 9 x 3 1/4"
(face x height x gusset)

PBi spent over two years in developing the Biotre Film, an earth-friendly, heat sealable, barrier material. Biotre Film is made from 60% (by weight) renewable wood pulp. The wood pulp portion is biodegradable. Third party testing per ASTM tests D-6868 and D-6400 confirmed that nearly all of the wood pulp portion will disintegrate into healthy compost over 84 days in a backyard, home composting environment. The remaining 40% (by weight) of the bag is Polyethylene (PE) with an additive that is designed to make it disintegrate significantly faster than standard plastic.”


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