PolyLiner Tin-Tie Bag Claycoat Paper

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PolyLiner Tin-Tie Bag Claycoat Paper

PolyLiner Tin-Tie Bag Claycoat Paper

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3 3/8 x 2 1/2 x 8"
(face x gusset x height)

Paper tin-tie bags are most often used as a retail take away bag or for short term storage. The tin-tie, which is attached to the top of the bag, is used for reclosure. The paper tin-tie bag is an economical, practical way to contain a wide variety of items including coffee, dry soups, confections, natural products and other dry goods.
The suitability and shelf life of a product in a paper tin-tie bag is dependent on the product stability with regards oxygen, moisture, fat content, etc. If longer shelf life is needed, a barrier bag may be necessary. Note: Roasted coffee contained in a paper tin-tie bag should be consumed 7-10 days after roasting for maximum freshness and flavor.


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