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Stand-Up Pouches

400 Series  |  425 Series  |  430 Series

The name, Stand-Up Pouch, aptly describes the package format. It is, in fact, a pouch that will stand up. You will often see Stand-Up Pouch abbreviated to the industry term—SUP.

The stand-up pouch provides consumers with market-friendly features like zipper reclosure, tear notches, the versatility of hang hole features, strong shelf presence and an attractive billboard for label and graphics. Stand-up pouches are sold into a wide variety of markets and come in a wide array of colors and structures. The stand-up pouch is one of the most popular formats in the market place today.

Features and Options


Located below the tear notch, the zipper is a "must have" feature in certain markets because it's convenient and user friendly.


Tear Notch

Consumers use the tear notch to rip open the top of the pouch.


Bottom Gusset: Pouches are made with one of the two gusset styles:

Plough Bottom

The plough bottom is made from one piece of material that has been folded and sealed into the bag shape. Because this style is made from one piece, it can hold more product weight. The plough bottom is common for products weighing more than 2 lbs.

Inserted Bottom

The inserted bottom has a "lip," which makes the pouch stand up by serving as the center of gravity. With the inserted bottom, this style is great for products that weigh less than 1-2 lbs. If the product is too heavy, the pouch may lean or fall over.

Constructed of high barrier foil and/or clear laminates, the PBi 400 Series stand-up pouches protect your product from oxygen and moisture. We recommend the PBi 400 Series Stand-Up Pouch for products such as coffee, nuts, flavored teas, and other products that need higher protection against oxygen and moisture.

Order from the 400 series here.



New! Stand-Up Pouches with Aplix Zipper

Introducing an addition to our 400 Stand-Up Series, our Stand-Up Pouches with Aplix Zipper. They are a medium barrier pouch that work great for specialty or niche markets. The Aplix Zipper closure is an innovative hook-to-hook re-closable system designed for flexible packaging. This unique closure is comprised of self-mating micro hooks that engage with light pressure, making it easy for consumer use. These come in our 14-16oz XL and 2 lb sizes.

Order Aplix Stand-Up Pouches here.

PBi 425 Metallized Series

Pouches are produced from a multi-layer laminate that includes metallized polyester. They are a medium barrier pouch that work great for specialty or niche markets. They are not intended for products that need high barrier protection (i.e. coffee). All 425 series stand-up pouches come with zippers.

Order from the 425 series here.


PBi 425 Natural Kraft Series

Combining Natural Kraft Paper with the consumer convenience of a Stand-Up Pouch, the PBi Natural Kraft SUP is one of our most popular pouches. Available in six sizes with a tear notch and zipper. Our 8oz. and 14-16oz. size is also available with a one-way degassing valve. Also available with a window.

Order from the 425 Natural Kraft series here.

PBi 430 Rice Paper Series

Rice paper stand-up pouches are made from plastic fibers. The term, rice paper, is widely used in the industry for this non-woven plastic fiber structure.Also available with a window.

Order from the 430 Rice Paper series here.


NEW! Made to Order Pouches: Clear Stand-Up and Flat Pouches

PBi is excited to announce we are now offering special order clear Stand-Up Pouches and Flat Pouches. This is an expansion of our product line with a variety of unique sizes that aren’t included in our catalog. Learn more here.

  • Lead time: 2-3 weeks
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000 bags
  • Recommended for products packaged in quantities less than 2 lb.