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In the event this is your first foray into automated packaging, we can help.

Rollstock is laminated film on a roll. PBi stock film is wound on a 3” core. The film is used with form, fill and seal machines (i.e. FFS). Form, fill and seal machines automatically take the roll of film and form the bag shape, fill the bag with product, and seal the bag. 

The film on roll, rollstock, is used throughout many industries to form stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, flat pouches, and other package formats. There is a natural cost driven progression, based on volume.

Minimums for each progression point should mimic the growth of your business. Rollstock will increase production speeds, reduce labor and packaging material costs; provided the machine is able to run for several hours per SKU without the need for change-over. If your product mix is substantial, form fill and seal may not be feasible because of the time and clean-up effort needed to change from item to item. In the optimum scenario, rollstock reduces the cost of the flexible packaging by about 25% or more.

PBi offers two different “stock” laminates in rollstock: (1) Institutional (light weight) and (2) Retail (foil based laminate).

Form, fill and seal machines have very specific requirements for rollstock. All machines are not the same! Rollstock must be provided with the exact core size, web, rewind, eyespot etc. necessary to run properly. Our group is familiar with most FFS machines and the basic technical requirements. If you are working with a contract packers, co-packer, they have all the necessary information, as it is common information everyone needs.  You will need the machine manufacturer name, core size, rewind and eyespot requirement before you purchase film. In some cases, a “test roll” is needed to confirm film/machine compatibility. If our stock rollstock does not work with your form, fill and seal machine, we will provide custom film for the specific application. Give us a call at (800) 562-2247 or email