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Paper Tin-Tie Bags

Paper tin-tie bags are paper packaging lined with either polypropylene, white kraft, or PLA. It is most often used as a retail take away bag or for short term storage. The tin-tie, which is attached to the top of the bag, is used for reclosure. The paper tin-tie bag is an economical, practical way to contain a wide variety of items including coffee, dry soups, confections, natural products and other dry goods. Note: Roasted coffee contained in a paper tin-tie bag should be consumed 7-10 days after roasting for maximum freshness and flavor.

The suitability and shelf life of a product in a paper tin-tie bag is dependent on the product stability with regards oxygen, moisture, fat content, etc. If longer shelf life is needed, a barrier bag may be necessary.

PBi offers three types of liners in the paper tin-tie bags:

  • White Kraft
  • Polypropylene
  • PLA Compostable

Stock paper tin-tie bags are made from 50 lb. or heavier paper, and come standard with a thumb notch and a tin-tie. Paper Tin-Tie bags make a great option for environmentally sound packaging. See our Sustainable Packaging section of our website for further details.

Order Paper Tin-Tie Bags here.

Notice of Product Change:

To better serve our customer's needs, we have shifted suppliers for our paper tin-tie bags product line. Our priority to ensure we are a long term reliable packaging resource for our customers. This transition will take place between November 2016 and June 2017.

For our full Notice of Product Change, click here.






Side Gusset

Fold open, allowing the package to expand and accommodate the product.

Weber Bottom

The distinct, flat bottom allows the package to stand up straight on the shelf.


The tin-tie extends past the edges of the bag on both sides. To close, roll down top of the bag and fold tin-tie over the bag. 

Thumb Notch

Consumers use the thumb notch to pull open the bag.

Compostable Paper Tin-Tie Bags

PLA or Polylactic Acid, is a clear, crisp film made from the sugars in corn starch. This product works well for items with a higher oil content, as the PLA liner will help keep product from wicking through the outer paper. In PBi lab testing, the PLA bags biodegraded in less than a month in our composter. We recommend removing the tin-tie prior to composting.

Order Compostable Paper Tin-Tie bags here.

NEW! Introducing Matte Black Paper Tin-Tie Bags

PBi continues to expand our product line with our newest edition of Matte Black Paper Tin-Tie Bags. These come with the standard thumb notch and tin-tie. These premium paper bags feature a matte black exterior, and a clear polypropylene liner to protect your product. Available in 1/2 pound and 1 lb sizes. 

Order Paper Tin-Tie Bags here.

Paper Window Bags

These bags are the same as our other stock paper bags, except the clear window in the bag will showcase your products.

Order Paper Window Bags here.