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PBi Pet Food Packaging Reclosure Options

Kelle Vandenberg

By Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

We get a lot of questions on how to reclose petfood bags after the bags have been opened by the consumer.

There are many different answers to this question depending on packaging size, format of the bag, cost and particular needs of the brand manufacture and consumer demand.  

The good news is that PBi has access to most current reclosure devices on the market so we have the solution for your specific pet food packaging needs.

What is a reclosure? 

The primary closure on most of the packaging we stock and sell is a heat seal.   The bags are filled at the production facility and then heat sealed closed using a heat sealer. 

The consumer then opens the bag to use product.   And unless the package is a single serve item, it must be reclosed.   The method that consumer uses to close the package is the reclosure. 

PBi Reclosures:

Press-to-Close Zipper (PTC Zipper):   The most ubiquitous reclosure device for petfood treats and bags is the Press-to-close Zipper.   There are literally hundreds of the different sizes and shapes of these zippers on the market. Models range from ezo-opening, to super-secure.  Many are single track zippers, but are available in multiple tracks to increase the likelihood of reclosing.   There are powder proof zippers.   Zippers for liquids.  Zippers with wide zip flanges (external or internal ridge, or rip, for strength) so the consumer can more easily grab the zipper to open the bag.  

We have many zipper formats available in both our stock and custom printed packaging.  Please give us a call to discuss your zipper options


The Pocket Zipper & Tear Tab:   Is a combination easy-open/easy reclosure device.  Installed on the front of the package, the tear/pull tab is a cutout tab that can be easily grabbed and torn open – allowing easy access to the bag.  Below the tear line is the built in press-to-close zipper.   The zipper functions the same manner as other zippers.   Because the combination zipper is installed on the front of the bag, this allows the package to be fully opened at the production facility for ease of filling.   This especially true with large treats and bones that need a wide open bag for filling but smaller open for removing the treat/bone. 

Hook & Hook Closures:  Similar to Velcro the hook and hook reclosure allows for a more positive closure than the zipper.   We have partnered with Aplix® for their new EASY-LOCK - Hook to Hook Closure system.  The closure addresses leak-resistant convenience, product protection and improvements in ergonomics for young and old.   PBi offers the Aplix® EASY LOCK closure in both our stock and custom printed bags. Keep an eye out for additional details on our new stock product line.

Sliders:   The slider addresses one of the challenges on the PTC zipper which is when the zipper gets too long, the likelihood of getting a complete closure is less likely – allowing product to spill.   The slider, allows for a positive closure on big bags (15lb and above) where the thickness of the bag and the length of the zipper make the package difficult to close.   PBi offers the slider bag in our custom packaging lines.  Call for details.  

The Tin-Tie:   Commonly used on our paper bags, the tin-tie has been used on paper packaging for treat bags for 50+ years.   Made of a malleable tin covered with paper.   The tin-tie extends past the edges of the bag.  To close, roll down the bag and fold the sides of the tin-tie back over across the bag.   The tin-tie comes pre-applied to many of our treat bags or can be added as a separate item that can be installed on a bag. 

Resealable Tape:  Although this is not a common pet food packaging reclosure, we commonly see this for sealing coffee bags like side gusseted, quad seal, and block bottom bags. The resealable tape will secure the rolled top of the bag to the body of the bag. It can be used to close your bag for later use, and will keep product fresh. There is a flap at the end of each piece of tape without adhesive, making it easier to lift and reclose.