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Our MAB (multi-author blog)  is meant to be a forum for information on packaging and packaging related topics. We hope you find something helpful within and we welcome you to contribute to the discussion.  Between the halls of PBi, we have a vast knowledge of the markets we serve and have helped shape those industries. We hope you enjoy some of the many articles we have written, or contributed to.  Come along with us as we continue to learn.

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We aren't ever going to win an Oscar with our videos, however, we hope they are informative and helpful. If there is something you would like to see a video on, please let us know.

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  • New Product: Poly Block Bottom Bags w/ Zipper

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  • PBi to Exhibit at Coffee Fest Portland

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  • Video - The PBi Story

  • PBi to Exhibit at Expo West

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  • Pacific Bag is Fighting Coffee's Archenemy

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  • MVH Speaking: How to survive in a competitive market as a small business

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