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Green Coffee

Green Bean Packaging

PBi’s Bulk Bags are clear plastic bags that protect dry agricultural products from moisture, oxygen, and external contaminants. It is designed to be used as a liner in an outer jute or plastic woven sack and closed with a twist tie.

The amount of available moisture in food products is a major factor in controlling the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and molds. PBi’s Bulk Bags help protect dry agricultural products from drying out and from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere around it.

Oxygen in the atmosphere promotes rancidity and can cause loss of important flavor components. Oxidation can result in the development of off-flavors which give products undesirable sour or bitter tastes. PBi’s Bulk Bags help protect dry agricultural products from excess atmospheric oxygen.

Products shipped and stored with other food products with strong odors or non-food materials, i.e. petroleum, chemicals, etc. can absorb odors and off-flavors from those materials. PBi’s Bulk Bags help protect dry agricultural products external flavors and odor absorption.

We have several large bags in our stock line for green bean packaging:

  • Large Bulk Bags for vacuum packaging: 
  • PBi's Green Bean Bag, inner liner for jute bag:

We strongly advise some direct communication, by phone or email, with our sales/service group if you want to explore these packages. Let us know your needs and packaging ideas. We can send a few samples, answer questions and save you a lot of time! Call us at (800) 562-2247 or email us at

For more information on our Bulk Bags, please see our technical sheet with product specifications. We also have this in Spanish.