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Heat Sealers  |  Weigh & Fill Machines  |  Single Serve Equipment

Heat Sealers

We offer two different types of heat sealers: constant and double impulse. Most of our foil gusseted bags, stand-up pouches and flat pouches can be sealed using either of the two types. Your bag width will help you determine which size heat sealer you will need (i.e. 6 inch, 8 3/4 inch, 18 inch, etc).

To seal a bag, you need the right combination of heat, pressure and dwell time. Depending on the structure of the bag you are sealing, you may need to make adjustments to the temperature and dwell time. Please note that all constant heat sealers come with a foot pedal & chain.

Heat Sealer Comparison

Double Impulse Heat Sealer

Constant Heat Sealer

Warm up time: Does not need to warm up. Just set the temperature and start sealing.

When is it hot? Heating elements are only hot when the foot pedal is pressed down.

Active heating elements: Option of having both sides of the jaw be active, or just one side.

Indicator light: Has an indicator light on the head of the sealer. The indicator light is based on the temperature setting. When the foot pedal is pressed down, the light will come on. The light goes off when the bag is sealed.

Seal width: Approx. 1/4 inch.

Seal description: Smooth and flat.

Warm up time: Takes approx. 10-15 min. to reach 325 degrees.

When is it hot? Once the sealer has reacehd the set temperature, it will remain at the temperature whether or not the foot pedal is pressed down.

Active heating elements: Both sides of jaw are active at all times.

Indicator light: Does not have an indicator light. Dwell time is determined by the person sealing the bag.

Seal width: Approx. 1 inch.

Seal description: Ridges/ribbed seal.


Order our heat sealers here.

Weigh & Fill Machine

At the touch of a button, this floor mounted weigh & fill machine measures out dry products between 1/2 oz and 5 lbs and places them into a waiting package.

How does it work?

The PBI-1040 is a floor mounted electronic weighing system capable of measuring any dry, free flowing product into portions from 1/2 oz to 5 lbs. The machine comes with a standard 2-cubic-foot hopper and will weigh, at the push of a button, any pre-set weight with no operator adjustments necessary. To use, the operator fills the hopper and enters a two-digit code for the desired measurement into the digital controller. The product travels from the hopper through the feeder pan into the weigh bucket. When the desired weight is reached, product flow stops automatically and the operator pushes a foot pedal to dump the measured amount into the bag.

The PBi 1040 will increase your productivity, cut your labor cost, and reduce waste caused by overfilling. These machines typically pay for themselves in less than a year. Give us a call at (800) 562-2247 or email for further details.

Single Serve Equipment

Whether you are looking for a single manual table top machine or full rotary capability, PBi can help the transition for single serve machinery.

Rotary Sealers

Call for a quote on PBi Rotarty Sealer options.

Manual Sealers

Equipment has a lead time of four weeks, depending on factory schedule. Filling recommendations available, call your Sales Representative for details.

Give us a call at (800) 562-2247 or email for further details.