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Biotre™ RENEW Valve

Biotre™ RENEW Valve

Item #: 101NF-BIO
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  • Filter: Yes
  • Material: 100% Renewable Plant Based PE Valve Body
  • Open/Close Pressure:20-70/5-45 mm H2O

For manual and automatic equipment that runs Wipf / Sig valves and PBi stock and custom bags.  Supplied with filter.  The 101 models have a focusing ring that aids in ultrasonic sealing for application at higher speeds.

FUNCTION: The Biotre™ RENEW Valve is made from 100% renewable, plant-based material, completely eliminating the use of fossil fuel based plastic in the valve body.  It provides the same freshness protection and one-way off-gassing as our standard Heat Sealing Valves. The valve adheres to the polyethylene (PE) interior of a package via heat seal, just like our standard Heat Sealing Valves, and can be applied using existing equipment in the field. 


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