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Gravure and Flexo Printing

We know custom printing.

In a typical year, PBi produces as many as 450 new custom printed projects.


Custom printing has set up charges for the artwork based on color count, and complexity of the design. Each color requires a cylinder or plate and design changes cost money. PBi offers competitive rates for cylinder charges and we help with production design.


Custom printing quantities vary based on the printing substrate being used and total square inches. For example, printed tin cans typically start at 5,000 pieces, whereas a 12-16 oz coffee bag requires 20,000 pieces. Contact our Sales/Service Group for minimums on the size/style of your package.


All custom printed projects start with a design, and rates for designers can vary greatly. Design services are an additional cost beyond the cost of the package.

At PBi, we can work with your designer and we offer full design services.


We will guide you (or your designer) through the PBi Art Requirements with step-by-step instructions that specify art submission criteria to PBi and a size specific template/die line for the design.


Print Capabilities

Plastic Substrate (Polyester, Oriented Polypropylene, Nylon)
Rotogravure (both surface and reverse printing)- 8 color capability (spot colors or CMYK) with the option to use one color for registered matte print (surface), or to add a floodcoat of matte print (surface) or an with a 9th print station. 

Flexographic (both surface and reverse printing)- 10 color capability (spot colors or CMYK).  Matte print (registered or floodcoat) is not available. 

Paper Substrate (Natural Kraft Paper, Bleached Kraft Paper, Claycoat Paper)
Rotogravure (surface printing)- 8 color capability (spot colors or CMYK)
Flexography (surface printing)- 8 color capability (spot colors or CMYK)
NOTE:  Printing for Java Box products is limited to Flexography and a maximum of 6 colors (spot colors only/ no CMYK)

Tin Plate Substate
Lithograpy (surface printing)- 7 color capability (spot colors or CMYK)


PBI’s design department works off of an Apple Macintosh platform and utilizes the following programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 (preferred)
  • Adobe Acrobat CS5
  • Adobe Distiller CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Suitcase Fusion2

NOTE: Please see PBI’s detailed Prepress Guidelines for specific requirements per specific printing method and specific print substrate.

PBi Prepress Requirements:

Prepress FAQ
Rotogravure Reverse Print Prepress Guide
Paper Rotogravure (Kraft or Rice Paper) Prepress Guide
Paper Flexo Kraft Prepress Guide
Tote Bag Prepress Guide
Tin Prepress Guide
Java Box Prepress Guide

To upload artwork to PBi, please go to: and follow the instructions.