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The Impact of Roast on Bag Fill Height

Kelle Vandenberg


The photo on the right shows three bags packed with 16oz. of coffee. The bag size is exactly the same, however, the fill height varies widely. Why?

As coffee is roasted, the beans loose moisture and decrease in weight, but increase in volume. Because the volume increases the longer the coffee is roasted, 16oz. of a dark roast will take up more space than 16oz. of a light or medium roast. Ground coffee (the bag on the far right in the photo), is the most dense, so it takes up the least amount of space in the bag.

When creating your labels and determining what quantities you are packaging (12oz., 16oz, etc.), be sure to get bag samples for each of your roasts so you can ensure that your final product end package has the look that you want. If you are applying labels to the bag with a one-way degassing valve, be careful not to cover up the valve with the label, as this will prevent the valve from functioning properly.

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