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How Much Paper is in a Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch?

Kelle Vandenberg

We asked Bill Walters, our VP of QC/Product Development, to answer this question that we frequently get from our customers about the Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouches.

Q:  How much paper is in a Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch?

A:  None.  There actually is no paper in a Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch.  The name is a bit of a misnomer.  Rice “Paper” is actually a nonwoven material made from plastic fibers.  It’s a similar process to the one used to make wet wipes or moist towlettes. The material is popular for rice cake desserts in Japan so the name “rice paper” is a translation from Japanese (which I think means something like “rice cake packaging material”). 

“Rice Paper” was already established as a descriptor for the material in the U.S. when we launched the product line a few years ago.  We try to let people know this as much as possible.

VP of QC/Product Development Bill Walters can be reached at or (800) 562.2247 ext. 202.