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The Intensity and Passion Around Coffee

Kelle Vandenberg

I was recently sent a video from my brother showing a man in Japan preparing his coffee. The video is pleasant to watch and listen to, as Nejimakigumo Ome accentuates the allure, beauty and love for the specialty coffee market around the world. The specialty market is going through changes, and high speed convenience systems such as the K-Cup are proving to be a viable delivery system. Nonetheless, I don’t think the type of passion that Mr. Ome has will ever leave the market; thereby keeping the quality bar for premium coffee extremely high. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

We experience this on a daily basis as it relates to coffee packaging. Many of our customers spend an enormous amount of time deciding on the color of a stock coffee bag and the design of a label to ensure that their message and their passion is conveyed to the consumer. The same holds true for one-way valves. We have customers who demand to know the effectiveness of the one-way valve. The questions are great: How does the one-way valve work? How do you test it? What is the residual oxygen in the bag?  We welcome the inquiries. 

Custom printed premade bags and rollstock are subject to the greatest scrutiny. Our customers frequently hire designers or use our designer, and they work with the PBi graphics department on the copy placement, four color printing accuracy, pantone color matching and more.

All of this done to accurately convey to coffee drinkers the quality and passion behind the coffee. 

Mark Howley
CEO / President