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NCA (National Coffee Association) Annual Report Highlights

Kelle Vandenberg

The NCA (National Coffee Association) publishes an annual report on coffee consumption every year.  The big news this year is there was a 5% jump in coffee consumption, which was led by Hispanic Americans. This group consumes more coffee than other ethnic groups.  A few more interesting statistics:

  • The common question in the survey was “did you drink coffee yesterday”: 66% of adult Hispanic Americans said yes.  47% of African Americans said yes and 64% of Caucasian Americans said yes. 
  • Single Serve Coffee had strong growth over the past few years: percent of people responding “yes - I drank a serve cup in the last 24 hours” is up to 12%. The percent last year was 10% and the previous year 7%.....that’s BIG. 
  • Gourmet coffee: 31% of the folks said they drank gourmet yesterday, while the traditional coffee percent is down 7% points.
  • Gourmet coffee consumption was led by the Hispanic Americans, which shows opportunity for regional and or micro roasters in the Hispanic American community. Hispanic Americans outpaced all other groups analyzed in consumption of coffees.
  • The negative news: the younger group seems to have softened in their drinking trends but nothing that indicates an overall downward trend. 

The full report is available through the NCA market research (

Mark Howley
CEO / President
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