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Pet Treat Packaging: Part 1

Kelle Vandenberg

By: Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

PBi is unique in that we provide our customers and potential customers with myriad of options for pet treat packaging.  We are truly a one-stop shop for pet treats from simple paper tin-tie bags to stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, flat pouches and gusseted bags etc.

Our product line offers solutions for start-ups and well established companies alike.  Our product line includes Stock Bags, Customized Stock Bag and Custom Printed Premade Bags & Rollstock. 

For this blog we will separate the different options into three entries: 1) stock bags, 2) stock customization and 3) custom printing.

Pet Treat Packaging:  Stock Bags

PBi stocks multiple types of pet treat bags that can all be purchased off the shelf at single cases.

•  Paper Tin-Tie Bags:
Bag formats include paper tin-tie bags for baked dog/cat treats.  These classic pet treat bags come with and without windows.

•  Kraft Paper Stand-up Pouches: 
Other formats such as our kraft stand-up pouch with window are heat sealable, airtight and come with convenient features such as an easy opening tearnotch and press-to-close zipper.

•  Rice Paper Stand-up Pouches:
Our rice paper bags are a unique and attractive spin on the kraft bag.  Rice paper bags come in both solid and window options.

•  Biotre® Stand-up Pouches:
Biotre® Stand-up pouches are biodegradable, heat sealable, barrier material. PBi conducted extensive composting tests with industry leaders to verify that Biotre® biodegrades while protecting products in the same way that a standard plastic/foil laminate material does.

•  Clear Stand-up Pouches & Flat Pouches:
If you want a bag that is entirely clear, we offer several lines in stand-up pouch and flat pouches including our thicker/rugged 400-series pouches.  We also stock a crystal clear material in our Crystal Pac line. 

•  Metalized Stand-up Pouch:
For our customers who need high barrier properties for pet treats with higher moisture or fat content, our metalized stand-up pouches are ideal.  These bags come in many sizes and colors and come in solid and clear on one side / solid on the other options.

•  Foil Stand-up Pouch:
Our foil stand-up pouches offer the ultimate in barrier protection.  These pouches are ideal for semi-moist pet treats or for products where you want the peace of mind of having the highest barrier material available in a flexible package.

In the next blog entry, we will discuss our Stock Customization process.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 800-562-2247 or