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Pacific Bag Coffee Packaging
If you’re packaging coffee, we know the game! In fact, coffee packaging and one-way valves are PBi core products. It’s safe to say we are a market leader in the specialty coffee trade.

Roasted Coffee Packaging

Roasted coffee requires protection against oxygen and moisture. We recommend using high barrier foil with a one-way degassing valve for longer term freshness or paper tin-ties for retail take away coffee. Of course, feel free to call if you want samples or further help. We recommend:

Side Gusseted Foil Bag Line
Paper Tin-Tie Bags (various liners available, with and without a window)
Stand-Up Pouches

Coffee Packaging Check List

  1. Bag: Is the bag the correct size?...get a sample and make sure! The right bag will help preserve your coffee for freshness. Try the samples with each variety/roast that you offer. The type of roast (light/dark) will affect the fill height! For more information, visit our blog post The Impact of Roast on Fill Height.
  2. Heat sealer:  Most bags will need to be sealed to protect against oxygen and make it tamper evident. For more information on heat sealers, go to the Equipment section.
  3. Labels: Stock bags are generally used in conjunction with pressure sensitive labels.

PBi also offers customization services on our stock bags. Services include:

  • Tin-Tie Application
  • Labeling Services
  • Special Valve Placement

Looking for Custom Printing? Go to our Custom Packaging section.

Green Bean Packaging
Pacific Bag Green Coffee Bean Packaging
There is new trend at origin and at roasters to preserve green beans, and ultimately freshness and quality of green beans prior to roasting. PBi is involved with numerous roasters, the CUP OF EXCELLENCE, and farmers at origin to improve the quality of coffee sold into the specialty trade.

There are many farmers and roasters who use barrier bags (and vacuum packaging) to preserve green beans. Green beans are dense versus roasted coffee beans and petfood; therefore, weights vary. For example: The PBi 300-928N 20 lb foil gusseted bag actually holds about 36 lbs of green beans.

We strongly advise some direct communication, by phone or email, with our sales/service group if you want to explore these packages. Let us know your needs and packaging ideas. We can send a few samples, answer questions and save you a lot of time! Call us at (800) 562-2247 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For green bean packaging we recommend:

PBi Item Number 300-928N
PBi Item Number 300-948N
Or any of our larger Stand-Up Pouches (see picture on right)


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