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Stock Bag Custom Services

Pacific Bag Stock CustomizationWill your package get lost in the crowd, or will it offer something unique that will set it apart?
PBi offers a wide array of options and services to help you customize your packaging and speed up production.

Our services include:

  • Tin-Tie Application
  • Special Valve Placement
  • Label Application
  • Hang Hole Application

Tin-Tie Application
You can take a step out of your in-house production, save time and money, and get a consistent tin-tie placement. By letting PBi apply your tin-ties, you can select where you would like it placed and the bags will arrive to you, ready to be labeled and filled. Give us a call to find out more about this service. Additional costs apply.

Special Valve Placement
Need to put a valve in a different spot on a stock bag? Pre-order your stock bags without a valve and specify where you would like the valve on the bag. Because our patented PBi one-way degassing valves are produced on-site at PBi, we can do special valve placements with minimum quantity requirements, giving you more flexibility. One case minimum-additional costs apply.

Label Application Services
Decrease in-house production time and get a consistently applied label. Labels are a great way to call attention to your product and enhance the overall appearance of your package. PBi’s labeling service is simple, with low minimum order quantities. You provide the labels and we apply them to your packaging and deliver the finished product to your door. Give us a call to get our PBi Label Application Guidelines and let us help you get started. One case minimum-additional costs apply.

Hang Hole Application
Need more versatility on the retail shelf? Have PBi install a hang hole that allows your product to be hung from peg boards in multiple quantities. One case minimum-additional costs apply.

VP Sales & Marketing Glenn Sacco discusses Label Application Services at PBi.


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