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Side Gusseted and Quad Seal

Pacific Bag Side Gusseted Bag

Side Gusseted Bags

Side gusseted bags are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product, and the weight of the product usually holds the bag upright. This package format has two long faces, or panels, on the front and the back for product branding. The side gusset bag is the recognized format for coffee packaging today. It is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, teas and other specialty food products.

We make a full line of stock bags to accommodate most coffee roasts, as well as products sensitive to water-vapor and oxygen.

PBi foil gusseted bags come with or without PBi Patented One-Way Degassing Valve. Many of our bags feature “Easy-Peel” film for consumer convenience. Our large bags - 20lb. and 40lb. - are great for any bulk products including dry pet food, resins, chemicals and other industrial products.

We also offer a line of paper bags in the same format.

Pacific Bag Quad Seal Bag

Quad Seal Bags

Similar in format to the side gusset bag, PBi’s Quad Seal Bags create a distinctive difference in shelf appearance. Sealed on the four corners of the bag, rather than the back, the quad seal bag offers four crisp, clean panels for labels and graphic placement and an overall strong shelf presence.


Stock Sizes Available

2oz/60g and 4oz/125g Foil Gusseted Bags

6-10oz/250g Foil Gusseted Bags

12-16oz/500g Foil Gusseted Bags

2lb/1 kilo and 3lb/1.35 kilo Foil Gusseted Bags

5lb/2.2 kilo Foil Gusseted Bags

20lb and 40lb Foil Gusseted Bags

Quad Seal Bags

Matte Foil Gusseted Bags


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