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One-Way Degassing Valves

Pacific Bag One-Way Degassing ValvesA Brief History
The one-way degassing valve was originally developed for coffee. Coffee is unique, as it is the only food product that needs to be completely protected from oxygen (O2) while at the same time it gives off relatively large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2). At one time it was impossible to package truly fresh, whole bean coffee because there was no package that could be sealed off completely from O2 while at the same time releasing the CO2 gas from the package.

The invention of the one-way coffee degassing valve and its incorporation into the flexible package changed all this. The valve is now an integral part of any package used to deliver truly, fresh whole bean coffee to the market. Now, many other applications have been found for the valve. These include deflating large bags during palletizing (e.g. up to 50 lbs. of pet food, resins, agricultural chemicals, etc.), medical applications and other pressure relief applications.

PBi patented degassing valves are available in two sizes and may be purchased in case quantities or via volume contracts. Our valves can run on most valve applicators and form, fill & seal machines on the market. Please call for price quote.

Product Information

Item NumberDescription
101NLarge Valves (no filter)
101NFLarge Valves (w/ filter)
201NSmall Valves (no filter)
201NFSmall Valves (w/ filter)

*All valves come in cases of 25,000 units.

Label-Style Degassing Valve

301 PV
The new 301PV Label-Style Degassing Valve from PBideas is designed for the packaging of institutional coffee (e.g. O.C.S., Frac Pack) and other off-gassing products.

The 301PV is a degassing device for packages that must remain sealed to protect products while at the same time allowing the release of off-gasses from products so packages do not inflate and burst. The 301PV reduces the use of lengthy degassing times and large degassing bins prior to packaging.

The 301PV Label-Style Degassing Valve adheres to the exterior of the package. It features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that permits application at high speeds and it can be applied using existing equipment in the field and on the market today.

*Roll of 15,000

For more information on valves, visit our One-Way Degassing Valves section. You can also call our customer service team at (800) 562-2247 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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