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Office Technologies Drive Customer Service Improvement for Bags at PBi

August 01 2013

Our goal is search the world for methods to improve our ability to service customers with quality products. In that end, we recently asked Robert Hepburn, Product Manager and member of the PBi technology group, to search for ideas.

The Intensity and Passion Around Coffee

March 04 2013

I was recently sent the video below (see link) from my brother showing a man in Japan preparing his coffee. The video is pleasant to watch and listen to, as Nejimakigumo Ome accentuates the allure, beauty and love for the specialty coffee market around the world. The specialty market is going through changes, and…

The Impact of Roast on Bag Fill Height

October 15 2012

As coffee is roasted, the beans loose moisture and decrease in weight, but increase in volume. Because the volume increases the longer the coffee is roasted, 16oz. of a dark roast will take up more space…

How Much Paper is in a Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch?

July 19 2012

VP of QC/Product Development Bill Walters answers a frequently asked question about Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouches.

Mark Howley Interview on Manufacturing Revival Radio

May 22 2012

Mark Howley was interviewed on Manufacturing Revival Radio, a podcast dedicated to spotlighting USA manufacturing. Mark discusses one-way degassing valves, manufactured at our facility in Woodinville, WA and our Biotre film, which recently won the SCAA Best New Product - Packaging Award.

Biotre Film and Compost Testing in the Pacific Northwest

February 02 2012

By Kelle Vandenberg, Director of Marketing and Inside Sales. What does it mean to be socially responsible? Is it owning the world’s problems and trying to fix them, or is it simply doing what we can, within the moment that is ours to command?

A History of Coffee Bags

December 30 2011

VP of Q.C./Product Development Bill Walters discusses the rise of coffee drinking in the United States and the evolution of coffee packaging.

Is it Necessary To Heat Seal Stand-Up Pouches Even Though They Have Zippers?

August 24 2011

Some customers have asked “do I need to heat seal stand-up pouches even though they have zippers?”  We answer that question with “yes.”

What’s the Difference Between Low Barrier and High Barrier?

August 08 2011

Obviously, low, medium and high, are relative terms.  Here in the Pacific Bag world, a high barrier bag is a bag with aluminum foil because aluminum foil has the best barrier properties…

Coffee Bags, Green Bean Packaging and Central America

July 28 2011

PBi CEO Mark Howley describes two extensive trips into Central America in the first half of 2011. The trips were coordinated with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), IWCA and Aremi Rodriguez-Pope, PBI’s customer service rep for the region.

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