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Coffee Bags, Green Bean Packaging and Central America

July 28 2011

PBi CEO Mark Howley describes two extensive trips into Central America in the first half of 2011. The trips were coordinated with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), IWCA and Aremi Rodriguez-Pope, PBI’s customer service rep for the region.

Why don’t the smaller (2 oz & 4 oz) high barrier bags come with degassing valves?

July 22 2011

The one-way degassing valve adds cost to a package.  In the 2 oz and 4 oz sizes, the cost of…

Why Do Coffee Bags Vacuum Pack Themselves On Airplanes & Sometimes By Themselves?

July 15 2011

An article by Bill Walters, VP of Quality Control / Product Development, on this mysterious phenomenon.


July 06 2011

The YELLOW video was used to kick off our 2011 Sales Meeting. To help PBi produce…

YELLOW - PBi Sales Meeting 2011

July 05 2011

To help PBi produce jobs more efficiently and accurately for our customers, the sales team simply needs to fill in anything that is YELLOW on the new Unified Quote/Product Development/Art form.


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