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Pet Treat Packaging: Part 1

April 11 2014

By: Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

PBi is unique in that we provide our customers and potential customers with myriad of options for pet treat packaging.  We are truly a one-stop shop for pet treats from simple paper tin-tie bags to stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, flat pouches and gusseted bags etc.

Our product line offers solutions for start-ups and well established companies alike.  Our product line includes Stock Bags, Customized Stock Bag and Custom Printed Premade Bags & Rollstock.

PBi is Proud to Support Hopelink

March 14 2014

Recently, Hopelink received a donation of 1,028 lbs of coffee from a local coffee roaster, and they needed bags to package the coffee! PBi was thrilled to have the opportunity to support Hopelink, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in crisis become self-sufficient with a variety of support programs including housing, education, food banks, transportation and more.

Introduction to Barcoding

February 28 2014

By Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

We have a lot of customers ask about how to generate and register their barcode / UPC codes so they can print those on their bags or labels.

The process, while not all that difficult, can be confusing as the terms can often be misconstrued.  This blog entry will help breakdown just exactly what is a barcode vs a UPC Code vs ISBN number. 

STiR January/February 2014: Toward a Simpler Coffee Packaging Future

February 21 2014

By: Katrina Ávila Munichiello

    How does a company make coffee packaging that stands out among an ever increasing number of SKUs on the shelf? In the past, the answer was brighter colors, flashy graphics and slick package features. In 2014 there is a change in attitude. Packagers are exploring simple design elements that communicate a more rustic feel and an ongoing commitment to sustainability.
    “There’s a wave that’s coming with specialty coffee people focused on creating a new experience in coffee,” says Pacific Bag c.e.o. Mark Howley. “They are using packaging as one of the mediums to convey that message.” This emerging approach in the coffee packaging sector will have an impact on design, structure and function.

STiR January/February 2014: PBideas

February 07 2014

Niche is next, now that the largest coffee roasters and tea blenders have paved the way. Second generation filling and packaging equipment is less expensive, easier to clean and economical, according to Pacific Bag’s Mark Howley as he demonstrates with a $7,250 filler and sealer during Coffeefest Seattle.

The 7th Annual Kona Coffee Farmers Expo

February 05 2014

By Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

Pacific Bag would like to thank all the folks who put on the 7th Annual Kona Coffee Farmers Expo this last weekend.

PBi: More Than Just Bags

January 23 2014

A 2-minute video introduction to PBi’s products and services.

The Love of the Game

January 17 2014

By Kelle Vandenberg, Director of Marketing & Insides Sales

To say that Seattle is a “little” football crazy right now is like saying that M.C. Hammer’s pants were a little baggie. We are a city sieged by normally sane folks, happily dressed in blue and green clothing, with faces painted, and hair coloring that looks like the love child of the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. And it is pretty wonderful actually.

Trains Coffee and the Art of Foaming Milk

December 04 2013

By Kelle Vandenberg

A couple of weeks ago a group from PBi jumped on a train and headed due south to Portland… to the land of all things hip and cool. Our destination was the American Barista & Coffee School, to learn the importance of good coffee, a perfect grind, and silky shiny milk. Stepping off the train, sans skinny jeans and second-hand cardi sweater, I felt a little old and a little out of place, but determined to do my best, blend in, and foam some milk.

Tea & Coffee Article: Packaging Roasted Coffee

November 04 2013

By Mark V. Howley
There are a variety of pre-made packaging options for the specialty coffee market that ensure the coffee’s flavor will remain intact—without having to spend a fortune.

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